Having seen the rise of the new Alien Gangs in GTA Online

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Having seen the rise of the new Alien Gangs in GTA Online, Rockstar Games has decided to add the costume into its weekly update. And this means that for a short period, gamers can get the GTA Online Alien Suit for free on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Strangely, Rockstar Games hasn’t highlighted the fact of this new reward, making it more of an Easter egg for gamers to find.


Usually, the two Alien Bodysuits available to buy around Los Santos come with a hefty price tag if you don’t own an Arena Wars Workshop.

But that price has gone from over $300,000 in in-game cash to just $0 for the coming week.

It should be noted that this price change is temporary gta 5 apk and will revert back to normal by May 14, unless Rockstar makes it a permanent switch.


The good news is that buying and wearing the Alien Suit in GTA Online is a simple task, and was added to the game as part of the Arena Wars expansion.

Found in most clothing stores, the bodysuit can even be picked up from an Ammu-Nation gun shop, and will be found under the Outfits: Arena War section, and then the bodysuit category.PROMOTED STORY

The only drawback is that the Alien Suit is an expensive buy, costing over $300,000 in in-game cash. The alternative is to unlock the item via the Arena War Career but that also means spending serious cash.

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(The GTA Online Alien Suit is currently available to buy for free for the next week.)

The good news is that Rockstar Games is giving away around $500,000 to all gamers in May. All you will need to do to earn the extra reward is to login into the game during the current month.

And for those who want to complete the look, you will also need to find a Baseball Bat. The GTA Online Baseball Bat is available to add to your loadout for free, if you can find its location.

This is the weapon of choice for the new Alien Gangs but it isn’t quite as important as purchasing the costume itself. The easiest way to earn one is by completing a Contact Mission with your chosen character in GTA Online.